The Original Consciousness and the Dharma Realms

Sung, Chi-li

The purpose of demonstrating Dharmic realities (phenomena) is to reveal Buddha's wisdom and illustrate the truth of his visions. By "emitting light" and releasing Divine Light Avatars (or "Fen Shen"), the radiant Dharma realms can be illuminated for all to see.

The method of demonstrating Dharmic phenomena is to emit light and release "Fen Shen," a conscious and separate spiritual entity who can lead humans to the higher realms and all of the various Buddha-lands (the "Pure Lands").

The purpose of demonstrating Dharmic phenomena is to illuminate and unlock the wisdom and abilities hidden within our Original Consciousness, with which we can then enter the Pure Lands.

The various fantastic visions and images witnessed by followers of Sungchili's "Fen Shen" are precisely these demonstrations of Dharmic phenomena. When the brilliance of the Dharma realms meets, coincides, and resonates with the wisdom and ability in our own consciousness, suddenly, in the blink of an eye, all of the "three periods of time" and the "ten directions of space," as well as all of the heavenly Buddha lands will manifest spontaneously from the Original Consciousness, and enlightenment will be reached. A Buddhist sutra states: "¡Kall of us have a Buddha-self nature, and the Pure Lands lie within our consciousness."[1]

The Dharma realms embody space and time; in fact, the Dharma realms encompass all the dimensions of space and time of the universe, including humanity's past, present, and future (the three periods of time). Simply put, the Dharma realms are the collection of all dimensions of space and time of the universe ¡V the term "Dharma realms" is used to refer to and represent all things contained in universal time and space. The visions of the Dharma realms, as witnessed by "Fen Shen"'s followers, are a direct consequence of the light emitted by Sungchili's Divine Light Avatar. The reason that Sungchili's "Fen Shen" emits light to illuminate the Dharma realms is to reveal the origins of Celestial body and ultimate destination of human life: to transcend the transience of birth, aging, sickness, and death, and dwell in the permanence, peace, and everlasting light of the Dharma realms (or Heavenly kingdom or all Buddha's Pure Lands). After transforming the nature of our lives from transient to eternal, how do we humans live peacefully and forever in the radiant Pure Lands? How do the heavenly worlds exist and subsist? What does it mean that cremated ashes (the result of a transient life on earth) are transformed into precious crystals by "Fen Shen's" light emitting? Is it an illusion or a true reality that "Fen Shen" reveals the heavenly realms of the Pure Lands?

Sungchili's "Fen Shen" radiates light to unfold the concept and purpose of universal life. From the minute details of our daily life, to the magnificence and splendor of all of the universe's contents, the teachings of "Fen Shen" prevail in the lives of all modern people. When his "Fen Shen" is caught on camera, the transcendental thought form photographs which emerge are visual illustrations of higher realities. When his "Fen Shen" appears during the disasters of human life, it replaces calamities with blessings. At all times, his "Fen Shen" is silently witnessing the human condition, from birth through the processes of aging, sickness, and death, and making the appropriate "adjustments." The recipients of his light emissions experience these adjustments as inner balance, harmony, and peace. When the body expires, "Fen Shen" radiates light to transform the cremated ashes into precious gems to entice forth the wisdom and ability inherent in our Original Consciousness that will allow us to take on the same appearance of our current human form again, in order to march toward the eternally bright Dharma realms.

By resurrecting the Original Consciousness of the humans who exist on earth today, "Fen Shen" transforms human wisdom and gives it form, animation, and material, just as the nature of the Universal Light Body is materialized when cremated ashes are turned into crystallized gems. Those who have personally experienced the miracles of "Fen Shen" are able to truly recognize that theory has become reality and myth has become real. "Fen Shen"'s followers have joyfully exclaimed, "This has never happened before!" The Divine Light Avatar emits light to illuminate the treasures of the Dharma realms, which far transcends the experience contained in all of human science and philosophy.

With appreciative hearts and without any prior notice, many followers of "Fen Shen" spontaneously gather on Sundays to create an assembly that praises the Light that they have witnessed. With hearts full of joy and eyes filled with tears, they gratefully extol the virtues and miracles of life. The glow and joy of their inner hearts seem to transcend the mundane cares of the world and elevate them into holiness. When the five senses of the physical body can penetrate the endless layers of radiant Dharma realms, we realize that the three periods of time, the ten directions of space, and all the Buddha-lands in the Buddhist sutras are no longer distant and unreachable. Heaven is truly close. Paradise is not far away. After enlightenment, the boundless future Pure Lands immediately present complete brightness and joy. The distance between life and death is actually only as thin as a line. The boundaries between near and far, big and small, ancient and modern, inside and outside, and beginning and end have become impossible to draw. When our consciousness joins the Dharma realms and begins to follow its constantly revolving movement, everything can be induced or contained within a thought. Eternity merges into a single thought; a single thought encompasses eternity. The Original Consciousness and the Dharma realms harmoniously re-unite, returning to equality, to balance, to the center (which is the true meaning of the "Wheel"), and to the steadiness of the absolute.

The experiences and the hearts of "Fen Shen's" followers contain understanding, brightness, and joy, for they have found the true meaning of life, and were made to see, in an instant, the true direction and purpose of life. Human life is no longer aimless, illusive, and full of endless hardship. Humanity need no longer bemoan the uncertainty and helplessness of life. The Original Consciousness has obtained resurrection and rebirth. The followers are empowered to face the processes of birth, aging, sickness, and death with joy and celebration. They have achieved sudden enlightenment with just a single thought, and therefore released themselves from life's constraints, transcending worry and hardship to join existence in the eternally radiant Dharma realms.

Human life is insignificant because it is transient. The Dharma realms, on the other hand, are immense, as vast as space. And space is permanent, existing eternally, and eternity is immense! The distinction between insignificance and immensity, the boundary between transience and eternity, the line between life and death; therein lies the truth and purpose of universal human life, which flows out vividly through the mouths of "Fen Shen's" witnesses.

"Fen Shen's" followers often ask for demonstrations of the Dharma. Sungchili's "emission of light" through his "Fen Shen" or "Divine Light Avatar" are, in themselves, demonstrations of Dharma. Revealing Dharma with the spoken language can actually create and increase doubts! Language has no way of illustrating the contents of the Dharma realms, so we can only observe quietly and purify our hearts with personal proof, or with our own experiences as witness. Following the light of the Celestial Body, our own consciousness can, by means of exaltation from the light, revolve all around the Dharma realms, and the wisdom and ability of our consciousness can thus be accordingly invoked. If the wisdom and ability of our own consciousness manifests itself into an image, into a "Fen Shen," then the purpose of the Dharma demonstrations will have been attained. "Fen Shen's" followers, or "those who glorify the Light," then attain enlightenment by witnessing the demonstrations of Dharma given by Sungchili's Divine Light Avatar.

The Dharma realms cannot be understood using language or the spoken word. The Dharma realms are born from within our own consciousness. Therefore, by returning to the heart, each of us can develop the wisdom and ability hidden there, and in doing so, can activate our own Original Consciousness. This will allow us to leave our physical body and enter the radiant, heavenly Dharma realms, there to dwell peacefully and in utmost bliss!



[1] Buddha's Teaching on the Amitabha Sutra, trans. Kumarajiva, 14 Dec. 2007